3 Tips for Communicating Openly With Your Pet Care Provider

Communication is key for a successful relationship when finding a life long care provider for your dog. As caregivers, we are counting on you, the pet parent to speak on your dogs behalf and your dog is counting on you too! Dogs can’t talk, so if they could speak using words, what would be said?…

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Changes at the Doghouse

Wag ‘N’ Tails was founded on a basic principle and goal : ‘We will strive to reduce the number of dogs given away or euthanized due to preventable and treatable conditions.’ Over the years, while we always kept this mission alive, we also added many additional services to accompany pet parent’s needs. From grooming to…

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Monthly Specials April 2019

Email special Monthly Specials Save $15.00 off our Puppy or Basic classes with Christine at our New Rochester Location:RARA Center, 500 E. Second Street, Rochester, MI 48307 Classes are: Puppy Preschool: Tuesday May 21st at 8:00 pm Thursday, May 23rd at 6:30 pm Bark to the Basics: Tuesday May 21st at 6:30 pm Thursday, May…

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Monthly Specials March 2019

Email special Save $10.00 on any Bark to the Basics or Puppy Preschool Group class Save $10.00 on a Mini Basic or Puppy class with Michael or Abbey Save $5.00 on a Deluxe or Ultimate Groom with Lyndsey Not valid with any other discounts or offers. Expires 4-15-19 Member Special Save $15.00 on any Bark…

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A Woman in Business… and Much More

She is many things. She is a mother. A wife. A boss. A sister. An entrepreneur. A woman in business. She is a tree with many branches. And like a tree, she cannot grow and expand unless her root is healthy, happy and focused. So for as many things as Christine Fox is, she also…

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Putting the “Dog” in Downward Dog

Yoga is everywhere. Your mom does it, your best friend does it, your brother does it. Now, get ready for dogs to do it. Wag ‘N’ Tails is putting the “dog” in downward dog. Yes, we are introducing a Doga class! Yoga originated from ancient monks observing how farm animals stretched their bodies and stayed…

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My Dog is My Kid and I’m Proud of It!

Now certainly, dogs are not human, we know this. Although, for most people today who truly view their dogs as part of the family I would venture to say that they call their dog their fur baby or their “kid” knowing full well that their canine is most obviously not a human. People use this…

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Stay Snazzy and Safe on National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14th is National Dress up your Pet Day, and of course, this calls for a celebration… but how? These tricks will help you prepare your pet to feel confident and comfortable in their snazzy outfits! Keep it Pawsitive Positivity is key in any new experience for your pet! Training your dog to see their…

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Monthly Specials December 2018

Monthly Email Specials: Buy 6 Full days get 1 Free Buy 6 Half days get 1 Free Save $10.00 on Puppy Preschool or Bark to the Basics Group Classes Save 15% on an Ultimate or Deluxe Groom with Lyndsey Not valid with any other discounts or offers. Not valid for Members. Monthly Member Specials: Free…

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Peanut Butter Pumkin Bites

Thanksgiving is a time to fill up on delicious, decadent food. An array of dishes ranging from sweet, to savory. Most of which are dangerous to the one member of the family who may want it all the most: the dog. So instead of hoping that that one Uncle doesn’t pass Fido something that’ll make…

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5 Ways You Can GIVE BACK to Animals in Need During the Holidays

Giving back during the Holidays doesn’t have to cost one dime! While you make your yearly list of gifts for loved ones, consider wrapping up some donations for those pets in need. Here are five ways to give back to animals by opening your heart and not emptying your pocket! ‘Tis the season for hot…

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