Bringing Joy and Mindfulness: The Benefits of Bringing Trained Dogs to Assisted Living Centers

Bringing Joy and Mindfulness with Dog Training

After people graduate from our classes, there are many pet parents who ask us what they can do to take their training on the road. We offer special events for our trained dogs such as visits at elementary schools, assisted living centers and workshops at local partnered businesses. We would love for you to join us!

Here are five reasons to be involved with your dog and the community. 

1. Emotional Support: Trained dogs can provide emotional support to residents in assisted living centers, promoting feelings of comfort, companionship, and happiness. Interacting with dogs can help reduce feelings of loneliness and increase overall well-being. We’ve all noticed this with our dogs!

2. Mindfulness Practice: Bringing a trained dog to an assisted living center can encourage residents to practice mindfulness. Engaging in activities such as petting, playing, or walking the dog can help residents stay present in the moment and reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn can reduce stress for you as well. 

3. Physical Exercise: Dog training often involves physical activities such as walking, running, or playing fetch. Residents can benefit from engaging in these activities with the trained dog, promoting physical exercise and overall health. We like to do a few training demos at our events, although it’s not required. 

4. Social Interaction: Dogs are social animals, and bringing a trained dog to an assisted living center can facilitate social interaction among residents. Interacting with the dog and other residents can help build connections and create a sense of community. Exposure to the environment with training is one of the keys to your success!

5. Therapeutic Benefits: Trained dogs can provide therapeutic benefits to residents, such as improving mood, reducing blood pressure, and promoting relaxation. Dog training programs in assisted living centers can offer residents a unique form of therapy that enhances their overall quality of life.

By bringing trained dogs to assisted living centers, we all experience the positive impact of mindfulness, dog training, and community companionship. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Embrace the mindful way of teaching your dog and you’ll see the results affect your entire family. So beautiful!

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Check out my video on Mindfulness here:

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