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We really, really love dogs

Our Mission

To use education and fun to help pet parents strengthen their bond with their dogs while creating a calmer and more peaceful home environment.

Our Vision

To redefine pet ownership using mindfulness, education, and community to enabling a loving, supportive relationship in which dogs and humans can learn from each other

Meet Wag

The Wag n Tails Philosophy

Whether you’re new to dog ownership or you’ve been around, we know that being a pet parent is an incredibly rewarding and sometimes frustrating experience. We know you love your dog through good times and bad times and we’re here to add more of the good and take away the bad. The result? A peaceful and symbiotic relationship between human and dog in which you learn as much from your dog as he or she learns from you!

Meet Wag n Tails – a dynamic and passionate platform, training system, and community made for dog lovers by dog lovers. We provide a range of training services (both in-person and online) for pet parents and potential dog trainers covering everything from the basics and specifics. Our system, created and directed by Christine Fox, uses science-based, force-free methods that are designed to strengthen your relationship with and patience towards your dog. Christine Fox, a passionate dog lover and training professional guarantees that her approach not only teaches your dog to learn from you but also opens you up to the amazing things you can learn from your dog.

Why Wag?

Certifications, Memberships, Press, and Media

Meet Christine Fox

Owner and Founder of Wag n Tails

Christine Fox, CPDT, began her career in dog training in 1989, researching both dog behavior and canine communication with professional behaviorists from all over the world. Throughout her career, she has helped thousands of dogs and pet parents as well as met some of the industry leaders including, Patricia McConnell, Kyra Sundance, Victoria Stilwell of It’s Me or The Dog, and Dr. Ian Dunbar, just to name a few. 

Years of hands-on teaching and experience, regular attendance to seminars all over the country, and operating her own training and boarding center since 1999, has given her the skills necessary to work with thousands of dogs and their families.

Christine is a leader and advocate for dogs in her local community. In addition to overseeing the day to day operations at Wag n Tails, she creates educational programs, speaks publicly, and provides private training opportunities.

Christine is also a City Counsel Member for the Parks and Recreation Department with the City of Utica, Michigan, member of the Small Business Administration of Michigan, and a member of Michigan Film Production as animal wranglers for dog acting and modeling

Certifications, Press, and Media:

Our Partners

Work with Christine

Christine has dedicated her life and career to helping people and dogs. Christine is available for hands-on private training, teaching and education, as well as speaking engagements.

Interested in working with Christine?

Check out Christine's channels for tips, tricks, and all things dogs.

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Group Classes are back in session – rebooted and better than ever. Our group classes are designed to tackle the COVID-related needs of modern pet parents. We address a variety of topics in a casual and fun group setting, including:

And so much more!

Group Seminars returning in the Spring. Inquire for early access.