Top Toy Ideas for Your Dog

top toy ideas for your dog

Chances are if your dogs toys are laying around the house or hanging around in a basket somewhere your dog hardly plays with them anymore. That’s because your dog thinks they’re boring. Sorry, that’s just usually how it goes. Follow a few of these simple tips and you can really bring your toys back to life for your dog!

There’s a reason why there are so many material choices to choose from when it comes to dog toys. I’m breaking down four categories here for you to pay attention to and learn about!

Chew, Dental and Hollow Toys

Kong Fillings

Keep these chew items separate from your interactive and plush toys. These are cream of the crop toys, the crem’ de la crem’. If you leave these just laying around they lose their value. You want your dog to be overjoyed when you present him with a filled kong or a benebone. If it’s just hanging around on the dog bed in a corner for days it loses its value. After these types of items are done being chewed, take them away until next time!

Interactive Toys

Top toy ideas for your dog

These types of toys could be compared to playing board games or engaging in a sport with a child. Dog puzzles, ropes, and toys that are engaging the dog and handler should be treated as a fun interactive activity for together fun. These types of activities and toys are not for chewing or destroying. There are also interactive games and toys that allow dogs to play independently as well. These tools are a fantastic way to provide necessary mental stimulation and prevent boredom.

Plush Toys and Squeakies

Stuffed toys and squeak toys are definitely not for destroying and dissecting! That would be quite the expensive game to play! Instead, you want to use your plush toys to play games like hide and seek, find it, take it and drop it. You can even work on teaching your dog the names of each toy. “Where’s your pig? Find your monkey!”

Dog Toy Rotation Action Plan

  1. Be sure to pick up all your dog toys – Don’t leave ALL your toys out, just a few and a couple basic chew toys. 
  2. Have TWO separate bins or boxes.
  3. Each bin should have at least one of each material from the toy material list.
  4. Pick a cue to use when it’s playtime and when you present the toy bin to your pup such as, “Ok! Go play!” For added flair and fun ask for a few cues such as a focus or a sit command before you set down the fun bin.
  5. Be sure to pick up the toys and put them away after playtime.
  6. Rotate the toy bin by presenting the second hidden toy box in a day or two and take away the one you’ve been using.

Boredom can lead to destruction of property, anxiety, boredom, and even depression in dogs. Help keep your pup happier and busier with these simple tips and your dog will play like their toys are brand new. 

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