How To Have A Calm Dog In Any Situation with Generalized Behavior

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How To Have A Calm Dog In Any Situation with Generalized Behavior

Do you want to have a calm dog in any situation? Let’s learn how to train your dog to generalize the dog’s behavior. This means that your dog can perform a behavior regardless of the environment they are in. It can be difficult for a dog to generalize behaviors if we aren’t practicing the behaviors taught in situations they are unfamiliar with. 

When we first learned how to drive, we weren’t expecting to hit the streets of downtown Chicago in a winter storm in the dead of night. It took time for us to build the confidence, experience, and skills necessary to drive in conditions like that.  To have a calm dog, we should offer our dogs the same respect when they are learning new skills, even when faced with added environmental changes and increased stress.

A Calm Dog In Unfamiliar Situations

Here are six tips that can help you and your dog become successful when it comes to generalizing the dog’s behaviors that you’ve worked on together.

  1. Up the ante with the food treats you’re using. The more difficult the task, the better your treats should be!
  2. Practice the behavior somewhere familiar before you ask for the behavior in a new place with different people, places and things nearby.
  3. Play with your dog in new training situations and scenarios. This really helps their brain to reset and actually enjoy new tasks!
  4. Work on gaining your dog’s attention and eye contact. When you have that focus from your dog, there’s nothing like it. This is when it’s best to work together with your calm dog. 
  5. Allow your dog to just “be” in a new environment before telling him what to do. As humans, we need time to adjust to new situations and surroundings too. Allowing your dog to just soak in the situation using all the senses for a bit can make a world of difference!
  6. Be sure not to expect too much too soon. What your calm dog offers in the quiet, peaceful living room at home is not the same behavior you’ll be offered away from home. Reward every attempt, even if it’s sloppy to reinforce that your dog is trying. 

In time, your dog will gain understanding and confidence to perform skills in new situations and environments with your help and guidance. You’ll be working together as a team before you know it.

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