Why Wag

The Wag n Tails Promise

Providing Love and Support for Dogs, All Dogs

Wag n Tails is more than just a training and grooming service.

Wag n Tails is a system and set of methodologies that have been in development for over 20 years (since the founding of our facility). 

We believe pet ownership is one of the most rewarding, special, and educational opportunities that a human can experience

At Wag n Tails, we show our love for dogs loud and proud. We promise to treat your dog like it is our own, and continue our mission to serve dogs who need help in our community.

"It’s an idea, a movement, and a system"

What keeps our tails wagging

Our Pillars

Community & Support

Connect with other dog lovers. Engaging with Wag n Tails makes you feel validated and supported because we can bond over our shared love of dogs


Science-based and force-free methods of training and dog ownership powers everything we do. We help you benefit from the latest research without having to study it yourself

Professional Experience

Wag n Tails creator Christine Fox has over 20 years of experience loving, training, and working with dogs. She has translated her life’s work into bite-size pieces that help dog lovers everywhere


At Wag n Tails, we love and support all dogs. We go beyond our household to support charities and organizations that stand against kill-shelters and provide love and resources to pets in need

All the Good Feelings

Wag n Tails goes beyond dog training. Through our methods and approach, we promise an increase in love, abundance, patience, and mindfulness when it comes to understanding your pet

Love for All Dogs

At Wag n Tails, our love for dogs isn’t confined to four walls. Our hearts and our mission extends to all dogs, especially those who do not have a family.

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Group Classes are back in session – rebooted and better than ever. Our group classes are designed to tackle the COVID-related needs of modern pet parents. We address a variety of topics in a casual and fun group setting, including:

And so much more!

Group Seminars returning in the Spring. Inquire for early access.