Getting Your Puppy to Listen: Effective Training Tips

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Getting Your Puppy to Listen: Effective Training Tips

Are you working on getting your puppy to listen to you? The “Watch Me” cue is a great way to get your dog’s attention when you’re teaching. The example we use with our clients is that this is much like asking a child to look at you when you’re going to tell them something important. “Watch me” is useful when you want your dog to focus on you instead of distractions and to pay attention for the next bit of guidance.

 How To Get Your Dog To Listen To You

  • When working on getting your puppy to listen better, start by holding your dogs favorite treat in front of their nose.
  • Slowly bring the treat up between your eyes until your dog is watching the treat and looking near your forehead.
  • Immediately mark that desired behavior with a reward marker word like “Yes!” and then give your dog the treat.
  • Repeat the above steps, but this time, reward your dog with a treat from your other hand instead.
  • Repeat steps one to three showing your dog that your hand is empty. This time, reward your dog with a treat when they make eye contact on their own without any luring with the treat. 
  • When your dog is reliably following the hand signal, looking at you when you point to your face, start saying your verbal cue like “Watch Me” or “Look” before you move your hand.

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