Wag N Tails Closed

The Same Mission with More Purpose

It’s Been a Wild Ride

I will be forever honored to say that I once operated a 9000 square-foot facility to care for dogs while their people were away. I’m touched to know that I led teams of well educated, experienced people with positive vibes who proudly cared for those dogs as if they were their own. I’m grateful I had the opportunity by the community and their dogs to feel the joy that care has brought me along the way in the past twenty years.

It’s strange not to have my dogs with me during this chapter in my life. I can’t physically see Charley next to me as I bid this location farewell. I’m not carrying Hollywood in my purse as we say goodbye. I can’t hear Kayla impatiently howling at me to get going. But I can feel them by my side as we take down the closed sign off the window at 56776 Mound Road one final time. This feeling is similar to the emotion I’ve felt with so many dogs who have come and gone throughout the years. Those who have left footprints on my heart and on the grounds of this center inside and out.

Katey Grace is my “ride or die” now. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner as we begin this new journey.

Goodbye is Never Easy

Moving out of this facility has not been easy.

Four kitchenettes, two laundry rooms, lots of closets, five offices and tons of heartfelt memories. I swear I could hear Mary say, “Goooood Morning” when I walked in the door, even when the building would become increasingly more and more empty. Then, I could still feel the energy of the dogs all around me. Walking into the Instructor’s office, I was taken back to all the magic that happened in that room that changed people’s lives and kept dogs in their forever homes because of the programs we created in those team meetings with Jordan, Nick, and Abby.

With all businesses and entrepreneurs, you live and you learn.

Our Mission

One thing I’ve personally learned is that the passion for what we do at Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center has always been there, but the purpose seems to come from within. Over time, I’ve felt a strong pull towards something much bigger, and to help more people seems to become even stronger. To give more and to do even more.

We’ve always treated and cared for dogs. What we do and the services we provide improves the quality of life for families and inevitably gives back to the community.

This is important to me.

All of the crates, kennels, pens, bowls and toys were donated. The podium that world-renowned veterinarian and behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar once spoke at, is now being used for a young lady’s wedding whose dream plans have now been completely changed due to the pandemic. The brand new office chair at our front desk is now at the desk of a young man who took our kids camp eight years ago. He is so excited to bring that chair home to his bedroom where instead of studying on campus, he’ll be starting his semester virtually right next to the shelf that proudly holds the picture of him and his dog from that very class to start his college career.

Fear can play tricks on you. I don’t have any fear.

I’ve always trusted in our mission. I’ve always known that there is a purpose for the mission.

What’s Next?

I will continue to follow the signs and clear intuition sent our way. At the end of the day and two eras, education still comes first. Change is good. It’s good for the soul and it’s what feeds this business.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Wag ‘N’ Tails. Its people, their dogs, and the community.

I’m excited to be offering our unique grooming salon with new unparalleled learning programs. We have teams filled with teams of talented specialists who are motivated and thrilled about our new beginnings. I’m over the moon about our variety of training services that will continue to prevent fear and aggression. We’re collaborating with so many great businesses and fellow dog lovers on the same mission. I can’t thank our clients enough. Those who have been along for this ride for so many years. And to those who are new to our door, welcome! The best is yet to come with our new home office currently being the Studio location.

Wag on Mound may be closed for the boarding business. But we have so many exciting memories and new stories on the horizon. I will always hear, see and feel the memories of that location in my heart.

You can learn more via the website at www.wagntails.net for ongoing updates. Please join my email communication here.

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