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The Same Mission with More Purpose

It’s Been a Wild Ride I will be forever honored to say that I once operated a 9000 square-foot facility to care for dogs while their people were away. I’m touched to know that I led teams of well educated, experienced people with positive vibes who proudly cared for those dogs as if they were […]

When One Door Closes, Another Dog Door Opens

Dear Valued Clients, I’m writing today to provide you with an update about the impact that Covid-19 has had on Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center and the changes being made as a result of it. Wag has met the evolving changes and needs of dogs and their families for over twenty years in Michigan. […]

How to Groom Your Dog From Home

Pet parents are having to keep their dogs looking and feeling healthy and happy without relying on their professional groomer during the stay home quarantine order we are experiencing in Michigan. Home grooming is a hassle (to put it mildly) for even the most patient dog owner. Bending over the tub can be a real […]

4 Ways to Enrich Your Lifestyle With Your Dog

So what exactly is dog enrichment and how can it possibly become a “lifestyle ?” Just like it’s root word dictionary definition, “to improve or enhance the quality of,” canine enrichment improves your dog’s mental capacity and enhances his understanding of his relationship with you and the world around him. So let’s make every experience […]

My Charley Boy

It’s the Beginning, Not the End I lost my best friend Charley today He went to that beautiful place we all come from. I know he’s still with me, I can feel him in my heart, like a beating drum. When I sit at my desk, I’ll still feel him at my feet As though […]

5 Reasons to Bond with Your Dog Without Talking

When you communicate with your dog without talking, this builds a bond as you’ve never experienced before. Dog’s don’t read, and they aren’t born speaking English. Mammals are not born understanding the rules of safety nor do we use words to communicate right away. Just as we don’t expect a young infant to completely understand […]

35 Reasons to Use the Leash in the House

Teaching a puppy to wear a leash in the house can be a great tool to get you started with teaching basic manners at home. Preventing unwanted behaviors is always more effective than teaching a pup who has already learned that misbehaving is lots of fun! Prevention of misbehavior does require that you think ahead […]

More Than a Heart and a Home

At Wag ‘N’ Tails, you will be able to engage with other dog lovers, learn more about our passion for education, and discover interesting ways to prevent and treat behavior problems. Dogs need more than a heart and a home – I believe education comes first! I’ve been teaching dogs and their people since 1999 […]

3 Tips for Communicating Openly With Your Pet Care Provider

Why Communication is Key Communication is key for a successful relationship when finding a life long care provider for your dog. As caregivers, we are counting on you, the pet parent to speak on your dog’s behalf and your dog is counting on you too! Dogs can’t talk, so if they could speak using words, […]

A Woman in Business… and Much More

She is many things. She is a mother. A wife. A boss. A sister. An entrepreneur. A woman in business. She is a tree with many branches. And like a tree, she cannot grow and expand unless her root is healthy, happy and focused. So for as many things as Christine Fox is, she also […]

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Group Classes are back in session – rebooted and better than ever. Our group classes are designed to tackle the COVID-related needs of modern pet parents. We address a variety of topics in a casual and fun group setting, including:

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Group Seminars returning in the Spring. Inquire for early access.