My Charley Boy

It’s the Beginning, Not the End

I lost my best friend Charley today
He went to that beautiful place we all come from.
I know he’s still with me,
I can feel him in my heart, like a beating drum.
When I sit at my desk,
I’ll still feel him at my feet
As though ten years haven’t passed
My heart still keeping a steady beat.
I lost my buddy today.
That dog who will always be “the one.”
The soul sent down to shine upon me, brighter than the sun.
When I open any food bag,
I’ll miss the sound of his prance that comes running.
Such a handsome dog with lashes you could only call, “just stunning!”
I lost my companion today.
The one who affected everyone he knew.
With just a glance, a pushy paw, or by sitting backward for a pet, on top of your shoe.
He loved swimming in the summer and craved sniffing lots of trees,
making snow angels in the winter
and rolling in the autumn leaves.
His gentle smile will be missed.
The way he would sniff the morning air,
When we would open up the door,
he would always take a moment, enjoy – and just simply stand there.
Walking through life, literally won’t be the same.
Trails and downtown, they all knew him by name.
I lost my boy today.
That dog I had a special connection to.
The one who carried around his stuffed puppy and was stuck to me like glue.
Such a cool dog, his dad taught him how to give you a wink with one eye
But his time has come and it’s not about “why?”
I thought I could prepare for this day,
I really thought I would.
But nothing can prepare us for our grief like we wish it could.
I trust and know that he’s going to a place with that cool morning breeze,
lots of bunnies and ducks to chase and all his favorite trees.
I lost my soft Golden Retriever today
His day had been decided.
So that he no longer has to suffer
and once again our hearts have collided.
Today is my birthday
The day God brought me here to this life
Now Charley will go home today and continue living his best life.
My heart still beats until we meet again my friend – today will always be extra special – The beginning, not the end.
Charley’s Tribute Video:

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