Dear Valued Clients,

I’m writing today to provide you with an update about the impact that Covid-19 has had on Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center and the changes being made as a result of it. Wag has met the evolving changes and needs of dogs and their families for over twenty years in Michigan. The pandemic has caused me to adapt to change and move faster than a Retriever chasing a ball (lost in the woods.)

At the end of March, we started by following all the necessary protocols for the length of time we were allowed to stay in operation. I closed both locations on March 23 2020 to meet continued health and safety guidelines set forth by local and national officials. This was approximately three months that we were considered a non-essential business in Macomb County Michigan.

During this time, I furloughed 100% of my 26 employees and focused on fine-tuning my virtual training service procedures and continued to educate the public the best I could during the stay home orders using videos and Facebook Live events, hoping to give help where needed. This allowed me to continue following all state and federal agencies and diligently research plans for the future of my company for my teams and dedicated clients.  As of today, half of our team will be coming back with different positions and we are safely offering grooming and training services with office personnel working virtually.

All the guidelines set forth by the CDC and recommendations by the Veterinary Association of Michigan are being strictly adhered to and can be viewed here on our website. We will continue to protect our staff, volunteers, and community as we are being continuously guided.

However, the impact of Covid-19 has also forced me to make some difficult decisions. I am announcing today, with a tear in my eye, that Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center on Mound Road will not reopen.

In truth, the expenses would have far exceeded the income. It’s that simple. The employment changes necessary to operate our type of boarding and daily care center would not have been possible.


I’ve wiped the tear and continued to press on.

I’ve never stopped. There was no quarantine vacation for me. It was “operation find a place I can trust for your dogs” that will not only meet your standards but mine too when I realized that this decision must be made.

Today, I’m announcing that my boarding and daily care center journey has come to an end. Although, when one door closes, another dog door opens. Twenty years of business has allowed me to connect with so many others in the animal care industry, to be involved in so many inspiring events that have made such a difference for so many fellow dog lovers and I’ve built lots of new friendships along the way.

During this unforeseen time, I’ve been in touch with Joe Youngblood of Shelby Township Parks and Recreation and also the Mayor of Utica to continue improving our training programs following Social distancing guidelines and a plan to bring business to local small businesses.

I’ve also connected with business owners of local boarding centers and we’re in the beginning stages of offering our one of a kind training programs with outstanding and experienced Instructors at those boarding centers. This will be how Wag will continue to stay involved with your dogs when you travel! I’m designing a consulting and staffing agency for the local boarding, daycare, and grooming centers and we’re quite excited about it.

We know our doghouse on Mound holds a special place in the hearts of our community and we will remain committed to the community where we were founded more than twenty years ago. 

In June we opened our Studio location bringing on three employees and by the end of July, we plan to bring back five more. Regrettably, six boarding positions have been eliminated as a result of the changes. I am exploring other options for those team members. Two Upper Management employees will remain furloughed. My goal is to call them back to fill openings as they become available. The trainers are back in action!

My undying commitment to education for dogs and their people will not end.

While the decisions I’m announcing today are driven by the impact of public health concerns and the economic changes of Covid-19, I’m confident that taking these difficult steps now will allow us to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic and embrace new opportunities to innovate and advance our mission and my purpose. My book titled, Becoming Mindful With Dogs is due to publish this year and the virtual training offered is now nationwide allowing me to assist even more people and their dogs.

Despite all the recent challenges and very long work hours throughout the pandemic, I know our future is bright. Wag ‘N Tails remains secure thanks to the very strong support of our community and the continued and ongoing dedication from our remarkable team of true dog lovers.

I am over the moon grateful that I was able to celebrate twenty years with our team and dedicated clients last year. It’s made packing up the center a little easier, although still bittersweet indeed.

Wag ‘N’ Tails will continue to provide training services to our clients by educating local care teams and more communities using our philosophies of learning with our exclusive referral partners.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be maintaining our relationships with you and your dogs this way! The same training packages you’ve grown to know and love are on the way, only they will be offered at the centers listed below that I not only personally recommend, but I will be proudly teaching at with the assistance of my top instructors. We are still working out the details so I appreiciate your continued patience.

When you contact any of these facilities for daycare or boarding services, please be sure to tell them that I sent you!

The K9 Club
WOW! Located in Troy, this center is modern and urban. Their team of employees is certified through a national organization held with very high regard called, The Dog Gurus. This center has everything and SO much more! If you are looking for overnight boarding and this city seems a bit out of your way, The K9 Club is worth the drive.

The Dog Ranch – Todd and Monica
Such a dedicated couple with a true love for not only the dogs they care for but their employees, and it shows. This is the place where a dog can be a dog and even go swimming in the pond! A very clean facility with lots of fresh air and that country feeling, I just don’t know if a dog could ask for more.

Happy Dog – Jim Lane
Jim would probably sleep at his center every night if he could, although he has an incredible team for that! Jim found Happy Dog and he and his wife quit their life long careers, moved across town to completely change their lives and dedicate their time to your dog’s daily needs while you work or travel. Jim is devoted and you’ll know it right when you walk in the door.

Feel free to schedule a time to talk with me using the portal here if you have any questions. I have 20-minute phone consultations available using the virtual training option.

Peace and Wags forever,

Christine Fox

CEO and Founder of Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center

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