Meet Hardy, our Latest Foster Friday Dog.

Every Friday we post our dogs in need. Those pups who live at our school and remain in training until we find the perfect family they’ve always dreamed of.

Hardy and his buds

Hardy is pictured here (the one with those ears to die for!) with his buddies in school. He is a very affectionate dog, loves to learn, although he loves his chill time just as much! Hardy is in training to treat and modify his resource guarding, he’s learning very quickly that he no longer needs to hoard and hang on to things. Using our positive methods of learning, he’s coming along great and we’re moving in the right direction. Hardy has not bitten, although he would be better suited for a home with other children who can follow safety rules.

Hardy hanging with Austin

Hardy will do best with a family who will have the time to continue with his “resource” training. He’s crate and potty trained, very well socialized and loves, loves, LOVES people!

At Wag, as you know, education and training is the primary part of our mission in reducing the amount of homeless dogs. It’s a requirement that the families who adopt our dogs are educated with either private lessons or classes on the lessons taught to our residents. This requirement ensures continued success and consistency. Please share with your friends to help us with our mission.

In 2016: 56 dogs were trained and found their forever homes.

To Date: Wag has rehabilitated, trained and found forever homes for: 16 dogs with your help in sharing.

For more information on our latest Foster Friday dog, contact our office at 586.781.6400 and speak to our Director of Services, Jordan Covington.


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