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We solve your dog behavior problems at home!

We come highly recommended!

Wag ‘N’ Tails is highly recommended by veterinarians, animal shelters & dog rescues throughout the Metro Detroit area.

We are frequently known as the “only place to go” since we are one of the only science-based and fear free dog training schools in the area.

Our trainers are frequently featured on the local news and are considered the local experts in the area!

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We Train Your Dog in Your Home.

Training methods that work!

Humane, natural training. No choke chains, no electronic collars.

Any breed, any age, any size.

Wag trainers specialize in behavior modification, problem solving and family counseling.

In home visits are perfect for:

  • Rescue and adopted dogs
  • Families with hectic schedules
  • Puppies and adult dogs that require immediate attention
  • Clients with any special needs or disabilities that hinder the ability to take a group class
Fear and Aggression
Aggression doesn’t go away on it’s own and your dog will not “grow out of” this behavior. Unfortunately, fear and aggression will increase in frequency and severity if left untreated. At Wag ‘N’ Tails we work closely with your veterinarian to ensure the most humane care possible when it comes to treating extreme behavior problems. If we can’t solve your problems, than we recommend several local veterinary behaviorists who will be able to further assist. One way or another, we won’t stop until we get you the help you need!

Punishment methods make problem behaviors worse – always. At Wag we do not “force” dogs to comply. We follow counter conditioning protocols used to desentize and gradually rehabilitate your dog. We use modern, science-based methods of learning which are highly effective and offer long lasting results. That’s the goal! Long lasting results, not just a temporary fix.

We’re here to help you in your home with:

  • Leash reactivity
  • Lunging or snapping at other dogs
  • Lunging or snapping at humans
  • Growling, snapping or biting to protect food, toys, treats and bones
  • Anxiety or nervous behavior
  • Shyness or lack of confidence
  • Fear of thunderstorms or fireworks


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