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Frequently Asked Questions

How To: Log in to the Customer Portal

Step 1:

Navigate to the customer portal page here:

From here you have the option to log into your current Gingr account or create a new profile.

If the business has created the profile on your behalf: You would choose the option to sign in with your email address or phone number. You will be prompted to create your own unique password for future logins.

If you do not yet have a customer profile with Gingr: You can create one from this page by choosing the “not a current customer link”

This will bring you to the required forms to fill out for the pet parent and pet profiles as well as allow you to set your password.

How To: Reset your customer profile password

Step 1:

Navigate to the Customer Portal page  » Forgot Password » Continue.

Step 2:

Check the email address associated with your account for the password reset link.

From there you will click the “set password” option. Once reset you can then log into the customer portal with your new password.

How To: Reset your customer profile password

Step 1:

Navigate to the Customer Portal page Reservations » Request services.

Step 2:

Choose a date, reservation, and any service add ons and save! Below is a visual guide for this process

How To: Upload Vaccination Records

Step 1:

Navigate to Other Links » Upload Files.

Step 2:

Drag and Drop your file to the Upload Area » From there the facility will review and confirm the vaccination. You can also single-click the “Drop files here to upload area” to pull up your files and search.

How do I contact someone in the office?
The best and most efficient way for you to connect with the right person to assist you is to use the chat box on our website found at the bottom, right hand side of this page.
How long does it take to get a response?
Chat box responses are usually pretty quick depending on the day and time of your request.
When can I telephone in for assistance and scheduling?
Depending on the day, our office help is working virtually so our phone system is not your best communication option when calling in. Our office hours are still changing based on the recent changes to the structure of the business. You are welcome of course to leave a voicemail if we miss your call and we will return your message within 24-48 hours. To reduce playing “phone tag” using our convenient online scheduling portal is your best option for fast scheduling or to get started with us as a new client. You may always use the chat box for help too!
How long does it take to receive confirmation on an appointment request?
Please allow 24-48 hours for an appointment request or a denial of a reservation request. Depending on when a request is made, the office needs time to access the specialists schedule.
Will I receive a text message confirmation for my appointment?
Definitely! This is one of our favorite features of our system. You will receive a text at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
Why was my appointment request denied?
There are various reasons why we need to deny a request. Reasons might include: a dog scheduled near to your proposed date/time that is in bad condition and will require special attention, drive time/distance for a private lesson will not allow the specialist enough time to get to the appointment in time, etc. You will be sent a reason as to why the request was denied.
Can I just message you through Facebook or post on social media for help?
We’re sorry, at this time social media requests are a difficult way for us to stay in contact due to the size of our clientele. We appreciate your patience as this is not the fastest way to receive a response to requests. You may always email

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