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For years and years dog’s have been shaking like a leaf when it’s time to go to the groomer. Why is this?

Humans love going to get our hair done, why can’t our dog’s like a day at the spa?

Well, we’re here to tell you that they can.

Beauty Isn’t Rushed

Most grooming salons just can’t take the time that’s needed to teach confidence building exercises while they master their scissor art. At Wag, building confidence and preventing aggression on the groom table comes first, the haircut is secondary. If you are in a hurry, we are not the grooming salon for you.

Remember, your dog will have more visits per year with your groomer than your veterinarian. Make those visits count, make them enjoyable. At the same time, your dog stays healthy, happy and smelling great! It isn’t easy being beautiful, but at Wag we strive to make the process enjoyable.

Pamper your pet.
Pamper your pet with our industry-leading grooming and spa services. Our groomers will deliver the haircut you had in mind, leaving your pet fresh, clean and happy!
  • Professional Groomers and bathers
  • Tracking methods used to create your look and ensure consistency
  • Creative grooming services such as dying of hair, fusion cuts and more!
  • Packages available for pets who need behavior modification lessons

Prices vary based on behavior and coat condition.

  • Pawdicure
  • Nail trimming
  • Regular health maintenance

Prices vary based on behavior and coat condition.

  • Nails and teeth
  • Special needs

Prices vary based on behavior and coat condition.

  • State of the art equipment and outstanding products
  • Safe, comfortable environment
  • Well trained and tested staff

Prices vary based on behavior and coat condition.

Frequently Asked Questions
One of the best ways to keep your pet happy and healthy is with professional grooming appointments. The grooming experts at Wag ‘N’ Tails will provide your pet with high quality grooming services tailored to the needs of your dog. Here are a few of our common questions:
How long will my dog be there for the groom appointment?

We always say “beauty isn’t rushed!” At Wag ‘N’ Tails we are always in dog training mode. Education comes first for us in every department.

So this could mean:

  • Stopping the grooming process to train with food treats
  • Slowing down to take a break from the sounds of the clippers or the dryers
  • Recognizing and identifying fear or anxiety

We don’t like to take over 4 hours to groom your dog so we will call you if we see that it could be any longer than that. If visits do take that long, than your groomer may have recommendations such as:

  • How to reduce severe matting
  • How to build confidence at home to make the appointment times more smooth
  • It may be suggested that you have a Behavior Modification visit along side of the groom appointment if your dog is bouncy on the table or showing signs of fear or aggression.
When should a puppy be groomed for the first time?

The sooner the better! Your pup will be visiting their groomer at least every 6 weeks or so for their lifetime! It’s important that the bonding and confidence building process starts YOUNG. With our EXCLUSIVE 3 visit puppy package, we will introduce your pup to the world of grooming using our motivational training techniques. All of our groomers are required to have basic knowledge on prevention of fear and confidence building techniques to ensure your pup is off to a good start!

Why is grooming so important?

Pro grooming is much MUCH more than just making your dog look good and smell pretty! The skin is the largest organ on your dogs body. There is so much happening on each visit to ensure that your dog is in good health. 

  • Pro groom visits are proven to lower dogs blood pressure and reduce stress
  • Groomers are trained to recognize skin irritations (under all that hair) and recommend veterinary visits when identified.
  • Grooming promotes the health of your dogs skin, coat and teeth.
How often should I have my dog groomed?

Every dog is different! It really just depends on the breed of your dog, their temperament and their coat. Typically every 6-8 weeks. Note: Any type of DOODLE Dog is considered a high maintenance grooming dog. This breed mixture is notorious for severe matting.

Bathing – Bathing too frequently will dry out your pet’s skin and strip the natural oils from their coat. Also, bathing at home and washing your pets hair similar to how you wash your own hair, can cause extreme matting of the fur. Your best bet is too brush and comb, opposed to bathing at home in between pro visits.

Nails – If your dogs nails get too long, it hurts! Keep those cute paw pads feeling great with every step and be sure to have the nails clipped every 4-6 weeks.

Cut and Style – To keep up with your dogs standard look that you desire, it’s important to schedule regular visits.

Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel my appointment?
Yes. We understand things happen last minute that may prevent you from making it to your appointment. Please feel free to call or use the portal to re-schedule or cancel any appointment. Appointments canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time will incur a cancellation fee of $25.

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