Dog Grooming Shelby


For years and years dog’s have been shaking like a leaf when it’s time to go to the groomer. Why is this?

Humans love going to get our hair done, why can’t our dog’s like a day at the spa?

Well, we’re here to tell you that they can.

Beauty Isn’t Rushed

Most grooming salons just can’t take the time that’s needed to teach confidence building exercises while they master their scissor art. At Wag, building confidence and preventing aggression on the groom table comes first, the haircut is secondary. If you are in a hurry, we are not the grooming salon for you.

Remember, your dog will have more visits per year with your groomer than your veterinarian. Make those visits count, make them enjoyable. At the same time, your dog stays healthy, happy and smelling great! It isn’t easy being beautiful, but at Wag we strive to make the process enjoyable.

Pamper your pet.

Pamper your pet with our industry-leading grooming and spa services. Our groomers will deliver the haircut you had in mind, leaving your pet fresh, clean and happy!


  • Professional Groomers and bathers
  • Tracking methods used to create your look and ensure consistency
  • Creative grooming services such as dying of hair, fusion cuts and more!
  • Packages available for pets who need behavior modification lessons

Prices vary based on behavior and coat condition.


  • Pawdicure
  • Nail trimming
  • Regular health maintenance

Prices vary based on behavior and coat condition.


  • Nails and teeth
  • Special needs

Prices vary based on behavior and coat condition.


  • State of the art equipment and outstanding products
  • Safe, comfortable environment
  • Well trained and tested staff

Prices vary based on behavior and coat condition.

Call for a quote: 1-586-781-6400

We can’t wait to pamper your pet!

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