Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: Wag ‘N’ Tails is monitored twenty-four hours a day by a state of the art alarm security system and multiple security cameras. Currently, for the safety of our dogs and staff, camera feeds are not broadcast to the public.

IMPORTANT: If your dog has ever growled at or bitten and drawn blood on anyone or anything they will not be permitted to even begin boarding or play and train care at Wag ‘N’ Tails. We must keep our guests and staff out of harms way, also this program could make your problems worse if your dog is exhibiting any signs of aggression. If your dog has ever acted out aggressively, then our drop off service is not your best option.We have structured programs designed just for these cases and we strongly encourage you to become involved. Our experienced and dedicated behaviorists will meet with you at the school or in your home. The training and behavior lessons will be tailored to you, your pet and your individual needs. See the in home and PERSONAL TRAINER page for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my visits?

We prefer that you use our Reservation Request App found on our website. If you have an iPhone you can download our app on the Itunes store by simply searching wagtails and request a reservation right from your phone! Otherwise, our website is mobile ready and can do the same thing!

Once you create your account, you simply request the service, the date and time you desire. The trainer will accept or deny your request based on the size, age, and temperament of your dog. Easy! If you are denied due to scheduling, etc. the trainer will contact you within 24 hours by phone or email.

Can I call the office to schedule an appointment?

We discourage calling our office for basic scheduling. Once we’ve introduced you to Wag and our system we prefer that you become accustomed to using our site or the app to reserve your services. You may also email or book your reservations in advance during drop off or pick up times if our office personnel is present.

If you prefer to call, we understand! We have a routing system that will allow you to leave a message with the date and time you desire. We have certain times we check messages every day. If there is a problem with your appointment request voicemail we will contact you within 24 hours.

We are open for business A LOT, early mornings, late nights and even all major holidays – we are open every day of the year. It’s just not possible for us to always be available. Please help us – help you – by using our app!

Do you offer discounts for long time care?

We offer yearly memberships that are very cost effective, offering lots of “freebies”. This is usually the best way to go depending on what you’re looking for in the service. You can use the care and training however you wish for one full year. You can design your discounted membership visits around your dog and his/her desire and needs for the service. We also have weekly and monthly packages. The cost for day care ranges between $20-$42 per day, depending on how many visits you commit to. The more visits you purchase, the more you will save…and the more benefit you and your dog will receive from the service.

I’m afraid once I get started, my dog will want to come forever and this just isn’t reasonable for our time and budget.

Not necessarily! This service is designed to start young dogs off on the right foot, keep adolescent high energy dogs active, and provide a regular socializing and training routine to our adult or senior dogs keeping them happy, content and “stress-free.” Over time if you wish to reduce your visits, it’s best to taper your visits down slowly, eventually adjusting your dog to his/her new home schedule. Your dog will adjust just fine, and the privilege that you provided will definitely show in your dog’s adult life.

Can I drop off my dog once a month?

Initially, we do not recommend this type of care. This would be very much like being the “new kid” at school over and over again. Your dog will have to start all over again with the “introduction” process. For many, this can be tiring and become “counter-productive.” Also, dogs coming only occasionally can also upset the routine with our “regular attendants.” Visits should be within one week of each other. If we only see your dog occasionally it makes it difficult to for us to give you a thorough analysis, depending on what you are looking for in the service. The more regularly your dog comes, especially if under two years of age, the better.

Are all dogs accepted into the program?

No. Not all dogs are cut out for this type of structured socialization. The only way you will be able to find out is to leave your dog in the care of a professional. Usually we are able to determine if the day care or boarding is right for your dog after about four visits. We have a detailed screening process. Not all dogs are accepted, as not all dogs enjoy group play. In that case, we have additional programs that we guide pet parents to instead.

What is an environmental change?

Punishment methods are forbidden at Wag ‘N’ Tails. We use only motivational training techniques in order to teach and gain attention. If a dog is involved in play and we find with the use of “bait” or food rewards or possibly toys, that we just can’t gain attention, then this means we need to adjust the playgroup. It will take us time to determine which play partners are best for your dog. Our “kids” can’t talk. Much of what we go through is process of elimination. Consistently changing the environment in order to find the dog’s comfort level is part of what we do. Examples might include switching playgroups, changing sizes of dogs in the group, changing the room the playgroup is in, switching breeds, etc.

What is Counter Conditioning?

This term is used by behaviorists explains the following: Counter conditioning is changing a dog’s thought process in the presence of something the animal finds stimulating, or that may cause anxiety. This type of learning must have a reward (treats, toys, verbal praise, snuggles, etc.) present in order to be effective.

We use only positive-reinforcement training at our facility.

What if my dog or another dog is being “aggressive”?

“Aggression” is a term that tends to be used too loosely by many. We are only human so when we hear growling or see lunging and snapping we tend to assume this is “aggressive” behavior. Many times what we are trained to observe carefully is in fact normal dog communication and behavior. Playgroups are designed based on the size, age and temperament of the dogs. There is going to be sounds of barking, there is chasing, pouncing, game playing such as keep-away and more. If the games or play becomes too intense or competitive in a particular group we do not necessarily consider vocality or lunging to be aggressive. If upon completion of several “counter conditioning” training methods that we use in order to gain a dogs attention to no avail, we then resort to several other behaviorally sound training techniques to teach this newcomer “appropriate play,” such as environmental changes.

How often is my dog playing and being trained?

Just like school for kids, we have a routine, but no two days are the same. Because we hand walk our dogs, this takes time! The dogs learn to wait for their turns, which in turn encourages patience and impulse control. We staff with a ratio of 10-1. Ten dogs per trainer. After we walk each dog, then our groups begin. Groups consist of controlled socialization which is always combined with training. Mental exercise and stimulation are just as important to us as physical for your dog. Sometimes they need a break quicker than other days, just like us, every day is a little different, but they definitely need their breaks to refuel for additional play and train groups throughout the rest of the day. We are not a typical “daycare” center for dogs. We do not allow dogs to exercise and socialize for hours. That’s just not what we do.

Can I call and check on my dog on his first day?

Sure! We welcome and look forward to your calls. We like to give you a quick idea of how it’s going. Of course, we don’t want to take too much time away from our responsibilities with the dogs, but we definitely like to share stories of the day! If you are too busy to call, don’t worry you will get the full report at pick up time! Also the first week of every month our day care clients receive a “daily scoop” keeping you appraised of your dog’s favorite buddies, training accomplishments and so much more!

Do I stay with my dog on his/her first day for a while?

We know that you would like to stay…most of you would like to stay all day, I’m sure! Although, much like children your dog is going to react to the excitement and in most cases adjust much quicker to the routine, shortly after you’ve gone. It takes a few visits for some dogs to really understand that they have begun an exciting adventure. He/she might think they are at the vet’s office, or they may associate coming to a place like this with your absence at first. Usually it takes a couple visits to truly see your dog’s spirit shine through.

Do I bring my dog with me for a tour?

It may be difficult for your “dog kid,” no matter what his/her temperament when you bring him/her for the first time. It’s best if you can schedule a visit for the first time without your dog so that you can take a look around, pick up some literature and ask your questions without a lot of distractions.

What is In School Training?

This is the service that makes us Wag ‘N’ Tails. When your dog is our care, add on training during their stay so we can fine tune everything you’ve worked on in class or with your trainer at the school or at home. This service is our top seller!

Do you offer home services?

Yep! We can come right to you. For sitting, walking, AND training. Jeeze! Is there anything we won’t do for you and dogs?! LOVE them.

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