Choosing the Right Dog Groomer: 10 Key Considerations for Pet Parents

dog groomer

When it comes to your furry family member’s well-being, a dog groomer plays a big part in the health, wellness and happiness of your pet, just like your veterinarian. In fact, your dog may visit the dog groomer more frequently than the vet each year. A skilled dog groomer not only makes your dog look and feel fantastic but also ensures their health and behavior are well-maintained

dog groomer

Here are ten things to consider when choosing your professional pet grooming salon so you know your dog is in good hands:

Dog Groomer Training

What type of training do the pet groomers have? Training can vary greatly from place to place. Some groomers learn on the job with apprenticeship or mentorship programs. Others go through more formal training. We just recently introduced the Paragon School of Grooming to our salon and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Paragon sets the bar when it comes to excellence in providing a formal top-tier pet grooming education. We have recently added additional mandatory hands-on dog behavior training programs and personal coaching to give each grooming professional exactly what they need. We also partner with local schools to bring you well-trained dog groomers.

First Aid Skills

Safety is paramount in a dog grooming salon, so ask if the staff has basic medical or first aid experience. Accidents can happen, and being prepared is essential. Of course, the salon will do everything in its power to prevent accidents, but they can happen. The Wag Studio is proud to be S.A.F.E Certified with the American Kennel Club.

dog grooming

Full Body Examination Of Your Dog

Does the Grooming Specialist do a full body check of your dog at the time of drop-off? There is so much hiding under that coat! Make sure the dog groomer does a full exam before the dog has his full grooming experience. This is the time to talk about any skin problems your dog might have, such as arthritis, medical conditions, ailments, or allergies.

Dog Behavior Training

Do the groomers have any experience with dog behavior training? Most do not. For us at Wag n Tails, where education comes first, we would love to see a change in this. It is not at all unusual to see dogs on a groom table that aren’t thrilled about the experience, but with the proper dog training and the time needed to ensure the dog is comfortable using our dog management programs, the pet can indeed learn to be confident enough to at least withstand the experience of grooming and most times even enjoy it! At our dog grooming salon, most of our dogs look forward to being on the grooming table. For those that need extra attention, we offer dog behavior modification training.

Facility Inspection

Can you check out the facility? The grooming salon you choose should have clean workstations and it should be well-ventilated. The tables should be sturdy and the tubs should be sanitary and safe. 

Dog Groomer Professional Advice

Professional dog groomers should be able to make you aware of tooth decay, ear infections, and skin infections that your dog might have. Many times it’s your groomer who discovers these ailments that have been hiding under the gums or the coat. A good dog groomer  will recognize and identify areas that need to be treated and suggest a visit to your veterinarian when necessary. 

Dog Breed Expertise

Don’t hesitate to ask if your dog groomer has experience with your dog’s breed or preferred grooming style. Tailored expertise can make a significant difference in the grooming process.

Product Quality Suitable For Your Dog

Inquire about the products used on your dog’s skin and coat. High-quality, gentle products without harsh chemicals are essential for your pet’s comfort and well-being. 

Transparent Pricing

The cost of professional  dog grooming can vary based on the condition of the coat and the behavior of the dog. The cost shouldn’t be your first concern, but you certainly want to avoid any sticker shock upon pickupIt’s sometimes difficult to say exactly what the cost will be until the dog groomer really sees the condition of the coat once it’s wet and once the comb really gets down deep to discover true matting all over, but you should be able to have a general idea ahead of time.

Dog Boarding Duration

How long will your dog be housed? All facilities are different concerning crating and boarding. Some dog grooming salons use crates, others use open pens or wall cages – some don’t crate at all. If this is important to you, feel free to discuss the concern with your potential dog groomer. At the Wag Studio, we have all different accommodation options, based on the temperament and age of our pet guests. The length of time for each dog’s stay varies as well, based on their needs. With some dogs, we suggest they come first thing in the morning to avoid any noise from the dryers if they are older and sensitive. For others, it’s not so much a concern. Every dog is different so their needs for boarding vary.

A skilled pet grooming specialist is your family’s partner in keeping your dog looking and feeling their best! Do your homework, ask the right questions, and educate yourself on the dog grooming skills, dog training, and environment of the dog salon. Whether you have a “high maintenance” grooming breed like a Portuguese Water Dog or a Doodle type breed of dog or if you have a breed that needs minimal attention like a Boxer or a Beagle, selecting the right dog grooming salon is a crucial decision for any pet parent.

Pamper Your Pooch at Wag n Tails Dog Grooming

At Wag n Tails Dog Grooming, we are passionate about pampering your pooch and returning them sparkling, clean, and healthy. Located in Shelby Township, Michigan, we offer a variety of dog grooming and training services. Be sure to check out our virtual classes for more information.

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