4 Different Styles of Dog Training Courses From Wag ‘N’ Tails

Wag N Tails enjoys the work of strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners through education, community, and fun! With a location in Detriot, Michigan, and worldwide offerings, we have created four dog training courses so pet parents can create a strong bond, promote good behavior, and ensure the safety of their dogs. Read on to learn more about our training programs. 

Group Training

The best way to increase the bond between you and your dog is through group dog training. When you participate in dog training classes with Wag N Tails, we help you develop the necessary skills to teach your dog to live a better life and thrive in all circumstances. We teach you commands, hand signals, and how to handle specific situations so you can become a better dog parent!

Private Training

Wag N Tails also offers private training to pet parents for specialized support to meet your dog’s unique needs. One of our top-rated dog trainers will come to your home and help you identify key problem areas and provide detailed questions and answers to your dog’s behavior. Within the two-hour lesson, we offer personalized service with a tailored approach based on your breed.

Virtual Training

We enjoy working with dog parents nationwide, so we decided to offer virtual training services. This is extremely beneficial as your dog can be trained in the comfort of its own home and limits any sensory overload the dog may experience. From new puppy private lessons to the ability to purchase multiple sessions, we are here to educate you and your dog!

Trainer Apprentice Program

We are excited to offer the trainer apprentice program so people can start working their dream job! During this program, we will teach you our industry-leading, science-backed methods for dog training and care. This program is set to launch Fall, 2023. The materials are perfect for the animal advocate, the dedicated pet parent and people who are seeking a career in dog training.

Interested in strengthening the bond between you and your dog? Wag N Tails uses positive reinforcement to educate and train your dog! See why we are the best in the industry, call us today!

About Wag n Tails Seminars

We offer seminars on a variety of topics from basic obedience to understanding how your dog learns and responds to cues. We also discuss how to properly use positive reinforcement in dog training and how to be consistent with rewards.

Our seminars are interactive and informative with plenty of hands-on activities. We discuss different dog behaviors and how to structure training around them. We also talk about how to deal with specific issues such as dog nutrition, your dog’s body language, enrichment, treat retreat, barking, aggression, and much more! 

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