January 14th is National Dress up your Pet Day, and of course, this calls for
a celebration… but how? These tricks will help you prepare your pet to feel confident and
comfortable in their snazzy outfits!

Keep it Pawsitive

Positivity is key in any new experience for your pet! Training your dog to see their outfits
as a positive is all about how YOU, as your dog’s trainer and leader, approach it. Show your
excitement as you work with your dog when it’s time to get dressed up.

A great way to introduce clothes to your pet is to lay out the sweater or shirt and throw a
few treats on it. Let Fido sniff and eat the treats, showing them that the shirt is safe and nothing
to be afraid of! Praise them for approaching the clothing, and continuously use treats to make
getting dressed up a positive.

When it comes time to finally put Fido in their new snazzy outfit, remember your food
lure. Anything that goes over Fido’s head should be led with a lure aka a yummy treat. Read our
blog post about using treats in training for tricks on luring!

How To Use Rewards in Dog Training

Fido may not feel like his/her stylish self at first so continue to praise them and give them
those delicious treats they crave! Confidence is key for any new experience Fido goes through.
Practice taking the cute outfit off and on, letting Fido get used to the whole process.

Winter Wardrobe

Alongside National Dress up Your Pet Day, winter itself is a time to think about using
clothes to keep your fur babies safe and warm. We wouldn’t walk barefoot on ice and salt, so
neither should fido! Dry air and ice salt easily dry your pup’s paws and can cause cracking,
even bleeding. To avoid bandages and booboos, invest in some winter booties your dog can
strut in! (P.S. For a laugh, watch this video of some pups learning to love their booties.)

Winter is a great time to start building a dog’s closet and will provide an extra incentive
for your dog to warm up to clothing is warmth itself! The comfort of a sweater and some warm boots during the winter will make your dog into the fashionista we ALL hope to be.

For even more information on how to protect your dog in the winter, watch our informative news segment here.

Nothing feels better than putting on a show-stopping outfit, and with the right training and
encouragement, your dog can experience that feeling too! So prepare your pups for National dress
up your pet day and be sure to share your pictures on facebook and tag us!

Stay stylish!

Written by:
Bailey DeLaere
Content Coordinator
Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center

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