Oh please...I know how to pet a dog! Or so I thought! ~ Wag 'N' Tails Dog Activity Center

Last night we had our first Tellington Touch seminar with presenter Mona Ryzak. What is Tellington Touch, otherwise know as TTouch you ask? Well for years I wasn’t sure why the dogs would follow Mona as if she was the Dog God. Now…I know why. She let us in on her secret. Zigzag touches and raccoon circle touches of course! I never knew there was so much to know when we pet our dogs. Although if you think about it, we as humans know the difference between a scratch and a professional massage, why wouldn’t our dogs know the difference? We learned so much about the energy of the touch, how the actual hair on your dog can feel softer with certain methods, and how you can really calm your dog just by using a magic motion of sorts with the pressure of your fingers and your routine when you pet your dog.

I pulled in the driveway after class so relaxed. I’ve never been to something dog related that was so calming before! I can’t wait until the class starts and we can learn more. Hollywood was one relaxed and pooped out puppy, and I was too. Thanks Mona! Now I know why my dogs go crazy when they see you, hopefully I can have your magic touch one day!~


To learn more check out: http://www.ttouch.com/

Developed by internationally-recognized animal expert Linda Tellington-Jones, Tellington TTouch® Training is a specialized approach to the care and training of our companion animals, horses and exotic animals, as well as for the physical and emotional well-being of humans. With Tellington TTouch, even the most difficult problems and behavioral challenges are often eliminated, enhancing the quality of your animal’s life.


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