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We’re a one-stop-shop on a mission to help pet parents strengthen their bond with their dogs using education and fun.

Dog Training

Find a training program that helps you create a happy dog and a happy home

Virtual Training

Convenient private lessons in the comfort of your own home

Dog Grooming

Give your dog a squeaky clean fur coat, fresh smell, and a wagging tail

Apprentice Programs

Learn our industry leading, science backed methods to training and care.

What Makes us Paw-some?

At Wag n Tails, our mission is to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners using education, community, and fun.

In-Person and Virtual Training

Ready to snap on the leash? We make “sit” happen the force-free way. We help you find a training program that helps you create a happy dog and a happy home.

Dogs Need Spa Days Too

Learn more about our grooming facility or browse through our resources that help you provide the coat-care your dog needs.

Become a Dog Trainer

Want to manifest your love for dogs in a rewarding career option? Learn more about our Trainer Apprentice Program that uses science-based and force-free training methods.

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I’m Christine


I’m a certified trainer, proud dog mama, and a member of APDT, IAABC, and AKC.

Follow me for tips, tricks, and all things dogs.

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The Mindful Way

Take the steps you need to follow to teach your dog the mindful way.


Group Classes are back in session – rebooted and better than ever. Our group classes are designed to tackle the COVID-related needs of modern pet parents. We address a variety of topics in a casual and fun group setting, including:

And so much more!

Group Seminars returning in the Spring. Inquire for early access.