Required Vaccinations

Required vaccinations for all dog breeds

To keep your dog safe while attending Wag ‘N’ Tails we require all of our canine guests to have the following requirements and vaccinations up-to-date:

  • At least two series of the DHPP vaccination.
  • Bordetella
  • K-9 Flu 2 part vaccination (dog must have at least their first to visit Wag)
  • Rabies (if dog is old enough according to your vet).
  • Fecal Exam
  • Heart worm test (if dog is old enough according to your vet).
  • Must be in good health, flea and tick free, and not demonstrate aggressive behavior towards humans or other dogs.

Female dogs must be spayed at 6 months and male dogs must be neutered at 9 months in order to participate in our boarding and recess programs. This is not a requirement for group classes.

To prepare for your first visit you can download our required paperwork, which is required for every dog that comes to our facility. Verification of the above requirements and vaccinations must be made with our office PRIOR to your first visit. Please call the office to verify your requirements and vaccinations. You may also have your records faxed to the office at 586.781.6210.

Sorry, we do not accept cardboard record booklets with checked off dates, or invalid breeder information. Your verification must be from your veterinarian on a letterhead or health certification form.

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