Wag n Tails Rules and Policies

In an effort to maintain the safety, security, and happiness of our facility, please review our rules and vaccine requirements for all of our four-legged friends.

Sick days

If your dog isn’t feeling well please call the office and cancel your scheduled visit. If the office receives two parent calls with similar symptoms, a notice is put on the counter and emails sent to notify. Dog school is just like human school! Typically veterinarians see dogs for “back to school” sniffles when the weather changes. When humans aren’t feeling too good, this is typically when our dogs need to stay home also. For the protection of all our guests there are no exceptions to this rule.



Dogs must wear a snap or quick release collar with identification. Please note: Wag ‘N’ Tails does not allow any type of metal collars in any of our programs. We also remove all equipment including buckle collars and use quick release, labeled tab bands for safety reasons.

Dogs should be generally healthy and must be up to date on all health requirements. Bordetella is normally administered once a year, although when providing regular interaction with “dog friends” you should consider an update every six months. Stool exams must be current and negative every year in order to continue care. We are hoping to see a change soon in the healthcare industry so we can make exceptions to these rules. For example, if your dog is titer tested, this is perfectly acceptable.

Female dogs must be spayed at 6 months and male dogs must be neutered at 9 months in order to participate in our boarding and recess programs. We will make exceptions with regular communication with your veterinarian to ensure physical and behavioral safety.

During flea and tick season, all dogs must be on a scheduled flea/tick preventative.



Dogs should be non-aggressive, and not food or toy protective. Our staff of trainers has the right to dismiss any dog based on misconduct or aggressive behavior of any kind at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any type of uncontrollable or aggressive type behavior will be determined at the discretion of the staff and private lessons will be encouraged.


Just as there are certain types of people who prefer not to be in groups, it’s not uncommon to find the same in dogs. Not EVERY dog is cut out for this type of group interaction program, if we find that your dog is not comfortable in any way due to fear, anxiety or of course aggressive type behavior he/she will be dismissed because we know this is what’s in your pet’s best interest.

We take pride in being honest with our pet parents at Wag ‘N’ Tails. Our clients compliment us on this fact daily.

We will not have a dog stay with us if they are overwhelmed or uncomfortable. The pet parent will be encouraged to schedule a private consultation with our behaviorists to determine which program would be better, or if there would be a dog care center offering a different type of service locally that we would recommend for that type of dog and his/her behavior or personality traits. For example, some dogs do better in an outdoor type of environment, some are better with in home pet sitters due to their age, etc. We don’t take it personally if things don’t work out, nor should you. We have other services that may better suit your needs and work closely with lots of great places locally to make sure your pet is receiving the type of care suited to his/her personality and/or activity level.


Hold Harmless Waiver

All pet parents are required to sign a hold harmless waiver and fill out a detailed pet profile. Our waiver clearly states that you are financially responsible for your own pet and any accidents or injuries inflicted upon another dog in our care. The waiver also states that you have followed all Wag ‘N’ Tails rules and regulations, your dog is fully vaccinated and is non aggressive. If your dog has ever bitten anyone or anything you are not a candidate for our daily interaction programs, although you inquire about training services.


Accidents can happen

If your dog inflicts injury upon another, you will be financially responsible. No exceptions. This is part of the risk taken with this type of service. We rarely have incidents, but when we do everyone works together for the safety and recovery of the pet injured. We work closely with several local veterinarians when needed and your waiver will explain clearly to reduce confusion.


Required vaccinations for all dog breeds

To keep your dog safe while attending Wag ‘N’ Tails we require all of our canine guests to have the following requirements and vaccinations up-to-date:

  • At least two series of the DHPP vaccination.
  • Bordetella
  • K-9 Flu 2 part vaccination (dog must have at least their first to visit Wag)
  • Rabies (if dog is old enough according to your vet).
  • Fecal Exam
  • Heart worm test (if dog is old enough according to your vet).
  • Must be in good health, flea and tick free, and not demonstrate aggressive behavior towards humans or other dogs.


Female dogs must be spayed at 6 months and male dogs must be neutered at 9 months in order to participate in our programs. This is not a requirement for group classes.

To prepare for your first visit you can download our required paperwork, which is required for every dog that comes to our facility. Verification of the above requirements and vaccinations must be made with our office PRIOR to your first visit. Please call the office to verify your requirements and vaccinations. You may also have your records faxed to the office at 586.781.6210.

Sorry, we do not accept cardboard record booklets with checked off dates, or invalid breeder information. Your verification must be from your veterinarian on a letterhead or health certification form.

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