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Christine Fox

Christine Fox, CPDT, began her career in dog training in 1989, researching both dog behavior and canine communication with professional behaviorists from all over the world. She has had the pleasure of meeting Patricia McConnell, Kyra Sundance, Victoria Stilwell of It’s Me or The Dog, and Dr. Ian Dunbar, just to name a few of the authors, DVM’s and behaviorists she has learned from. Years of hands-on teaching and experience, regular attendance to seminars all over the country, and operating her own training and boarding center since 1999, has given her the skills necessary to work with thousands of dogs and their families.

You may have seen Christine’s helpful dog training segments with local news stations. She also has an online dog training/coaching business and well as her YouTube channel. All of which continue to provide dog lovers with the help they need not only locally, but all over the country.

Christine Fox Dog Training Center

Involvement with the Community

Fundraising and charity events are important to Christine and Wag ‘N’ Tails.

She is proud to have been involved with Jack’s Place for Autism, Kids Kicking Cancer, The Michigan Humane Society and The Relay for Life just to name a few.

She continues to consider community involvement as a top priority with her dogs and her business.

Christine is the proud mother of her daughter Jessica, “Hollywood” her Maltese, “Charley” the Golden Retriever, and “Bravado” her Cockatiel Bird.

Certifications, Press & Media

Christine is a proud member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Pet Sitters International, DMWYD (Do More With Your Dog) Trick Training Certification, and AKC (American Kennel Club) Grooming Safety Certification.

Her grooming salon is one of the only in the area certified for health and safety.

Her teachings have prevented aggression, treated serious behavior problems, and ensured a comfortable environment when bringing home a new puppy.

She has been featured in many local publications such as the Detroit News, The Source, The Shelby/Utica News and has had the pleasure of being involved in a televised lecture for over two years on Channel 50, WKBD. Christine has also been featured on Channel 4, WDIV, Live in the D and often visits local Channels 2 and 7 as well. She has lectured at Oakland Community College for career day for children, teaching kids and pet safety and has taught canine communication in psychology classes at Rochester College in Michigan.

Interview with Jon Dwoskin

A Note From The Owner

owner01Since 1989 I have dedicated my life and my future to the happiness of dogs. The training business started in 1991, and the activity center started in Shelby Township in 1999. The Studio location opened in 2015 and is our satellite education center to teach more Instructors and Groomers. I have been blessed to know thousands of souls in fuzzy costumes every day, and I couldn’t be happier to be called the “dog lady!” Many of our clients I have known for years. I’ve watched people date, get engaged, get married and then start a family along with the dog. I’ve had clients so long that when they started the kids were in elementary school and now they drive to pick up the dog from the salon. Some of our clients have been dedicated for so long, they’ve been with us for the life of their dog and yet another dog. We can’t thank our clients enough for their dedication.

There are so many variables to consider when running this type of business. There is so much more to operating a behaviorally sound organization for dogs than just being a dog lover. You have to know what you’re doing where health and safety is concerned.

There are health and safety procedures and teaching guidelines that must be followed, very similar to a care or learning center for children. With the help of my dedicated staff and my loyal clients this business has grown into a fabulous place that continues to offer both Macomb and Oakland Counties a safe, warm and inviting place to bring your family, including the dog! Wag ‘N’ Tails is a school, the only difference is that our kids, are dogs!

Check out my blog to learn a bit more about my philosophies, training tips and more. Welcome to Wag and thank you for considering us to be your lifetime education center. Your dog will love you for it.

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