Do what you love. Love what you do.

Stop dreaming about it and make it happen. There is nothing better than loving your job. When you have the pleasure to work with dogs every day, it just doesn’t seem like work.

The dog grooming industry is in need of talent.

This means you could provide your skills to any local salon, or possibly start your own business. Maybe you dream of helping the elderly with their dogs. You could provide a service where you go to retirement homes and help with training or grooming. Perhaps you picture yourself on the road, offering the convenience of grooming for people while at home. You could start a mobile grooming service. The world is your oyster. The first move? See if you have the talent and patience that it takes. Being a dog lover is not nearly enough. That should be a given. In every single one of our programs, we teach you how dog’s learn. This means that you would be able to offer skills to the community as not only a groomer, but also certified from Wag ‘N’ Tails in dog behavior and training.

Certification programs

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Join us on our crusade to make a difference with the amount of dogs given away or euthanized every year due to treatable and preventable reasons.

Prevention with Education.

  • Level One Bather Certification
  • Level Two Bather Certification
  • Level Three: Behavioral Grooming Certification
Employment Wag N Tails Dog Centre

Working at Wags

We are a team

Here at Wag ‘N’ Tails we strive to provide the best care for our guests. We look for hard-working, naturally confident team members that are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to the safety, care and love of our guests.

The dogs need us and we need them

A typical morning shift runs from 6:30 – 12pm and an evening shift is 2 – 7pm. It is not a requirement to work both shifts but an open availability is encouraged; because of the nature of our business all holidays are required. We are open 365 days a year and this requires our care givers to work as a team and cooperate with each other when it comes to sharing all of the holiday shifts.

We are teachers, the only difference is our kids are dogs.

Daily duties for our trainers include, but are not limited to: daily training sessions with our guests including reinforcing coming when called, treating leash pulling, managing controlled and small interaction play sessions, walking all dogs on a no-slip leashes up to six times a day outside in a spacious field, feeding all daily visitors and overnight guests, cleaning and maintaining a safe and sanitary environment in each playroom, and of course plenty of love and interaction to help them feel as much at home here as they feel at home.

On the job training & extended education

All training is provided for you here at our center and no previous experience is required, most especially since our methods are quite different from others. All prospective employees are required to fill out an application, submit a resume and complete two interviews, one of which will be a working interview with a member of our Upper Management team. After these first steps are completed there will be a review of your qualifications for the desired position.

Initial training

All new hires are required to complete a six week training course with our Service Director. This detailed training program includes but is not limited to safety certification, first aid certification, behavior seminar, hands-on training for proper interaction with our guests, and hands-on training on facility safety procedures and policies.

Further training

Once the initial training is completed and exams passed, all trainers are required to go through a minimum of two 6 week training classes.

Extended learning

If desired, trainers are then eligible to complete our full array of classes and seek to become an Instructor.

Interested in joining our pack?

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Employment Wag N Tails Dog Centre


Entry level positions come with with many opportunities to move up in the dog world. We have had entry level caregivers move onto our Trainers Apprenticeship program, ultimately teaching some of our training classes and helping us to make a difference in the lives and homes of fellow dog lovers.

Many of our employees move up in the company to become part-time or full-time groomers, upper management team leaders and supervisors. They too, have helped Wag to make a difference within our local community to reduce the amount of dog’s given away or euthanized due to preventable and treatable behavior issues at home.

Employment Positions

Entry Level Bather

This position is perfect for anyone with a flexible schedule and weekend availability. This is a 100 hour apprentice position. Upon completion of 100 mandatory hands on hours, bather is eligible to move on the the certified bather program.

Certified Bather

Upon completion of our face, feet and fanny class and 100 apprentice hours, students are eligible to move on to the certified bather program. This is a tuition based program complete with certification of completion to move on to the Finish Pet Groomer program if so desired. This person will be eligible for a paid position within the company or may seek employment elsewhere if so desired.

Finish Pet Groomer: We are always looking for full-time dog groomers with top-notch grooming skills and experience, including talented scissor work and outstanding customer service skills. Our ideal candidate is friendly, works well in a close-knit environment with other groomers and personnel, as well as having a positive, gentle attitude toward pets.
Tuition fees vary upon previous experience. Call the office for more information.

Quality not quantity

Our pet grooming salon is proud of the care we take and the quality work we provide to our clients. We do not rush. Our salon is not about offering a quick service and our clients are comfortable with this. Many of our dogs need to be worked with in order to treat fear or aggression with grooming. This takes experience, education, patience and time. If you are as proud of your dog grooming skills as we are of our pet groomers, their kind treatment of pets, and their outstanding final product, please fill out an application here and be prepared to provide a resume.

Dog Walker and Entry Level Trainer

This position is for a gentle and caring individual who loves dogs and wants to learn and grow with our company. We are currently hiring a part time team member approximately 25-30 hours per week. If you love dogs and can help with walking and cleaning, this position is for you.

NOTE: Keep in mind, we do not offer temporary positions. If you are looking for holiday work or are interested in the company of dogs to give back and help us make a difference, the volunteer program would be your better option due to the lengthy coaching and development involved in our dog trainer positions.

This dog lover must be reliable and available weekends and all holidays. Shifts are 6:15am-12pm or 2:00pm-7:00pm weekdays and 7:00am-11:00am or 3:00pm-7:00pm on weekends. This could be a great career opportunity if you are interested in becoming a professional dog trainer or Instructor. Only serious applicants apply.

Volunteer Program

We offer an organized volunteer program for high school students, retirees, current clients or those looking for temporary Wag involvement. This is a great way to get to know us and the routine at our school. Ask your pack leader for more information. This position is perfect for high school students who will soon be off to college, college students with limited schedules who need hands on experience for their career choice, retirees who have limited schedules and just want to offer some TLC. Volunteers are typically needed during busy holiday seasons. Mandatory training program, shirts, hats and training aprons are provided upon completion of training seminar.

Employment Wag N Tails Dog Centre

Interested in joining our pack?

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