At Wag ‘N’ Tails we’re here for your training needs in every way!

We proudly offer tailored Board and Train programs where we train your dog FOR you. Now that certainly doesn’t mean we can perform miracles after the two week program and your dog will behave for YOU. We still need to teach you how we make our magic happen, but to us, that’s the easy part!

The 15 day Board and Train program is tailored to include all the same daily education and fun our guests receive for boarding and our exclusive play and train program. The difference is, your dog will have a trainer specifically assigned every step of the way, for every single day of their stay. Their own personal assistant to guide them through their learning process.

Daily, you will be sent a very detailed progress report. This is our number one compliment from our pet parents, hands down! Part of what you are paying for, is being a part of the training progress during your dogs stay with us, that’s important to us! We want you to feel comfortable knowing that your dog is enjoying their learning experience with us and that we are seeing the results you are expecting. After the 15 days?

Your turn to learn!

This is the best part. You select which program that is best for YOU. Too busy to come to our school? That’s ok, we’ll come to your home! Maybe your dog would do better in a group training class giving us a chance to teach you the drill with distractions, perfect! Let’s get you started that way! Plus you’ll save quite a bit – yep, SAVE! We tailor our packages at Wag ‘N’ Tails. That way, the program is tailored offering what’s best for you, your dog, your time and your budget. It’s a win-win for all. We have quite a variety of ways to tailor our behavior modification programs. The world is your dog oyster.

See what Poppy’s Mom had to say!

“Board and train was the best program I could have ever hoped for – because it was designed by the right people! It is a very loving experience for your pet. My Poppy overcame so much in just two weeks!! I will be FOREVER in awe of what they have done for my baby and our pack. I’m not kidding they saved her life and saved me from making a huge mistake of rehoming her. I’m so relieved I didn’t give up on her thanks to Wag ‘N’ Tails.”
Leslee, Poppy’s mom

How Is Wags Board and Train Program Different?

We let you visit!

Use our Reservation Request App, and schedule a training visit.

Now we certainly can’t have parents peering in through our training windows from dusk to dawn, although we DO love showing off! So what we do instead, is we invite you to jump on our reservation request app or call the office to schedule an in-shop training lesson. This way, you can learn as you go. Visit and train to your heart’s content! Parents love this, and so do the dogs. It’s a beautiful thing.

We send pictures!

Not just snapshots, but really “knock your socks off” pics. We know you miss your pup, we would too. We get it. We will make sure to capture moments that melt your heart and really show you just how much training fun your dog is having. The dogs literally make friends and learn new skills like kids do at camp, and believe us, we want you to see.

Proven Training Methods

We are science based teachers at Wag. Dog training is not a job to us, this is our passion. All of our staff of trainers go through extensive training and an educational process through various associations to have the positions they proudly hold here at Wag. Our reputation stands for itself.

No Force Necessary

We’ve never used it, we never will. There are trainers that use those methods, that’s just not what we do at Wag ‘N’ Tails. We do not use electronic collars, choke chains, prong collars, or punishment methods. We teach the desired behavior and we prevent the dog from learning undesirable behaviors in the first place. We will teach you how to “un-train” without the use of tools other than good old parenting, patience and some fun game playing. You’ll love the bond our techniques create, we promise!

What is Included in the Board and Train Program?

15 Day Stay Includes:

  • Overnight boarding in our private area $50 per night – Save $10 per night
  • Our exclusive play and train socialization program
  • Long walks outside daily with their scheduled trainer
  • Calming music played during break times
  • Parents are encouraged to bring items from home. Beds, treats and special toys
  • Free departure bath before heading home

In School Training Includes:

Daily private lessons from professional Wag ‘N’ Tails certified teachers. All methods are force-free and science-based methods of learning. Food treats must be provided by pet parent.

Parent Lesson Includes:

Two lessons. One lesson at the school, one lesson in your home. Both for one hour. It’s very important that you now learn what your pup has learned! The reports will help, but you need to learn the steps!

Continuing Education Options:

  • Private lessons
  • Group Classes
  • Tailored Packages

*Your trainer will give you their best recommendation

Also Included:

  • Daily emailed progress reports
  • Essential oils and calming massage therapy when needed
  • Photos emailed at least 3 times during the 15 day stay

CARE TOTAL: $1699.00


So who is Wag ‘N’ Tails?

Hey! Nice to meet you! We are a group of ridiculously over-the-top dog lovers. We pretty much live and breathe dogs. Yep. We even come in on our days off. Sometimes our boss has to tell us to go home!

How did you become trainers?

Our training system is very clear. The methodology and the science behind everything we learn happens here at Wag where the magic happens with the dogs. Our founder created our program, it’s offered to the public and to veterinary students and employees, other care and boarding facilities, foster families, and rescues, but since we are with the dogs daily, we can pretty much teach in our sleep! It’s our mission to reduce homeless dogs and teach people how to do what we do!

What areas do you service?

We have satellite centers so we can help as many people as possible. We service Rochester Hills, Harrison Township, two locations in Shelby Township and we also serve Macomb and Oakland counties for private lesson training when we travel for in home visits.

Do you use treats for training?

Yep! And balls, ropes, things that bounce, squeak and launch. We have a ball launcher, and automatic treat feeders too. We have Fitness equipment for dogs, a treadmill, bubble blowers, target sticks, ramps and even fake doors we use as a “treat.” Going through the door is quite a “treat” for dogs. Rewards are used all day, every day in our programs.

How do I get started at Wag?

It’s all about the tour and the trial! On the homepage of the site you simply create an account by making a RESERVATION REQUEST at our WAG ON MOUND LOCATION. That’s our main location where we offer boarding, and daily play and train. After your FREE five hour trial day, the trainers will give you an evaluation and recommend which package is best for you.

How do I know which package is best for my dog?

The trainers know their stuff! Plus we have A LOT to choose from, so it just makes it easier for you. Our clients really like this part about our programs. Let us take the guesswork out. We’re here to help! The packages are tailored and specific, made perfect, just for you and your needs and what’s best for your dog.

How do I know if the Board and Train program is best for my dog?

You want to think of our program much like a summer kids camp. The kind where the kids cry when it’s over. We have that camp where the kids sing songs, learn new skills, and create friendship’s offering memories that last a lifetime – only it’s dogs.

If they could cry when it’s over they would. We think they miss us. Parents tell us they do!

Now here’s the deal. If your dog is not adjusting, we’ll tell you. We are known for our honesty. We speak on behalf of your dog, and we expect you to do the same. If your dog isn’t having fun, isn’t learning due to stress or just plain misses you and this program is counterproductive to his success, you will be getting a phone call. It’s that simple. We will transfer your funds into a program better suited to your dogs needs. We rarely have that happen, but it can happen.

Will my dog behave for me like he did for the trainers with the Board and Train program?

Nope. Not until we teach you. As a matter of fact, he’ll become so smart in fact, he’ll know that you don’t know what you’re doing. You HAVE to enroll in a program after we get our magic wand on your dog otherwise the board and train program is a waste of your money. The program includes 2 lessons for you, which is a great start! But for you and your dog to succeed, a 6 week group class, or continued private lessons will really pull it all together. Most of our pet parents are happy with a trainer coming to the house 4 more times after the Board and Train Program.


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