Success with Virtual Learning is a Five Step Process With Wag N Tails

At Wag ‘N’ Tails, we are proud to use a strategy in teaching dogs that teaches the learner by using the “Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive”(LIMA) set of tactics likely to succeed in achieving a training or behavior change objective. This methodology coupled with following the five steps below bring us the success our families look for.

In the vast majority of cases, desired behavior change can be affected without the use of punishment.

We focus on the dog’s environment, overall physical well-being, interventions, and the use of classical and operant conditioning. I’ve been using these methods for over twenty years of practice, and they’re still beautiful and effective to me, to this day!

Who benefits from virtual learning?

  • People who want to learn before going in a group environment or coupled with additional study or practices. There are countless benefits to gaining extra tips and knowledge before your puppy or young dog goes into a strange or new environment. 
  • Pet parents who aren’t local to us here in Michigan. I absolutely love having clients all over the country. It’s truly a blessing to be able to support and guide dog lovers everywhere!
  • People who prefer the benefits of home and/or office or travel education.
  • Pet parents who just can’t learn enough!
  • Pet advocates and professionals who want to learn more to benefit and aid them in their careers. For example: Pro groomers, veterinary assistants, foster families and service trainers.

1. What are your goals?

Ok you brought home this adorable, pudgy little puppy, now what? It’s time to create your routine! If you have an adolescent dog, the household needs structure. Let’s work on that together.

What’s the plan for:
Sleep routines
Training and Education
Veterinary Care

There’s so much to discuss. We are here for you!

2. What types of problems are you having, if any? Or are you wanting to prevent issues?

So is this cute ball of fur driving you crazy with barking and wrecking your stuff or are we making sure to prevent all of that drama?

We’re going to get to the root cause of any difficulties or problems.

This is where we get deep into our 5 Keys to Mindful Dog Training Learning Theory. We also discuss the hierarchy of needs, necessary for all sentient beings. 

By the way, these behavior concepts are covered lightly on virtual lessons. We go into much greater detail with our online courses and mini lessons. These products can be found at our shop for anyone who loves ours materials and just wants to learn more!

4. We design the plan (this is the fun part!)

Now that we’re moving right along on understanding why we’re having some of the issues we’re having, plus we’ve decided on our behavior modification techniques that would be best to employ, then we get can started on the formal treatment plan and really get to work with the correct tools and communication in place.

5. Let’s DO it!

We start tracking our wins and noticing changes right away. This is when we can discuss areas of improvement or difficulties on each lesson and build upon our growth each time we meet.

I look forward to seeing you on my calendar!

We’re here to help get you started with your training program. Join us to begin your formal education and let’s create a bond with your dog based on understanding and creating memories that last a lifetime.

We can’t wait to see you inside the program! Take a look at our store to view more of our products.

About Wag n Tails Seminars

We offer seminars on a variety of topics from basic obedience to understanding how your dog learns and responds to cues. We also discuss how to properly use positive reinforcement in dog training and how to be consistent with rewards.

Our seminars are interactive and informative with plenty of hands-on activities. We discuss different dog behaviors and how to structure training around them. We also talk about how to deal with specific issues such as dog nutrition, your dog’s body language, enrichment, treat retreat, barking, aggression, and much more! 

Learn more here.

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