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Putting the “Dog” in Downward Dog

Yoga is everywhere. Your mom does it, your best friend does it, your brother does it. Now, get ready for dogs to do it. Wag ‘N’ Tails is putting the “dog” in downward dog. Yes, we are introducing a Doga class!

Yoga originated from ancient monks observing how farm animals stretched their bodies and stayed limber. They eventually went on to incorporate those very stretches into their daily meditation and prayers, creating the now-common practice of doga. So it’s only natural that we bring the animals back into the mix.

We are teaming up with the AWESOME staff from Updog Yoga to bring you peace, tranquility, and of course, absolutely adorable dogs.

Yoga has been proven to improve one’s body and mental state. Yoga stretches muscles, strengthens the core and helps balance your state of mind through breathing exercises.

So how can you make Yoga even more beneficial? Puppies of course.

Interacting with those adorable fur babies has been proven to increase that ever-important Serotonin level in your brain. Serotonin is the chemical in your brain that makes you happy, and based on how happy we know puppies make everyone, we can say that’s pretty true!

When you pair the benefits of yoga and puppies you get the magical Doga.

So join us for this exciting class and find inner peace, gain strength and get a lot of puppy kisses! Check our Facebook event page for dates and more info here. 

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Group Classes are back in session – rebooted and better than ever. Our group classes are designed to tackle the COVID-related needs of modern pet parents. We address a variety of topics in a casual and fun group setting, including:

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Group Seminars returning in the Spring. Inquire for early access.