Stand Up for Pits and Bark Nation Inspire and Educate us about Pit Bull Type Dogs.

Saving the lives of “pit bull type” dogs, “Stand Up for Pits” was created to end the discriminatory bans and abuse on pitbull type dogs. The “Stand Up for Pits tour stopped by to visit Detroit last weekend and Wag ‘N’ Tails had the opportunity to meet and laugh uncontrollably at the president, founder, and comedian Rebecca Corry.

Stand Up for Pits

Rebecca has dedicated her life to these “hippo” type breeds and her love for these “beefcake” dogs is evident. Stand Up for Pits is on a mission to educate people about the discrimination and abuse pit bull type dogs face. Myself and Rhonni Vescosky were thrilled to be a part of this fundraising event and look forward to collaborating with all the wonderful fellow dog lovers we met to save even more lives.

Bark Nation, together with Stand Up for Pits put on one heck of an event at the Majestic Theatre in Downtown Detroit. Because of this fabulous annual event, Bark Nation made just over $5,000 in merchandise sales and the silent auction. The rescue received just over $9,000 worth of life-saving supplies for all the deserving dogs they serve. Kelly McLaughlin, president of Bark Nation is something else, read more about her here from her story featured in The Dodo last year. Her dedication is outstanding!

Consider Adoption or Fostering: In addition to the wonderful donations several dogs such as Daryl and Holly, have now found forever homes or foster homes! Our very own Jordan Covington, personally knows all these babies because of her volunteer work and is happy to know these guys don’t have to wait anymore for a loving home. This is me below with Daryl, he was a real sweetheart!

Christine from Wag 'N' Tails posing with pit bull dogs

Did you know that so many famous people like President Theodore Roosevelt, Helen Keller and Fred Astaire all loved Pit Bulls as their family pet? Take a look at even more celebrities BarkPost tells us about, who are also in love with the breed, here. 

The ASPCA holds this position, and says the following:

“All dogs, including pit bulls, are individuals. Treating them as such, providing them with the care, training and supervision they require, and judging them by their actions and not by their DNA or their physical appearance is the best way to ensure that dogs and people can continue to share safe and happy lives together.”

It is a fact that the “Pitbull” dog breed makes an excellent Therapy Dog. Yep. You read that right. Despite many communities imposing breed-specific bans on the Pitbull and “Bully” breed types, there are just as many regions trying to break that stigma. To learn more about the Pitbull Breed as a therapy dog, check out this link here.

“When we say “Pitbull,” it may unfairly conjure up images of a blood-thirsty beast out to destroy anything in its path. Nothing could be further from the truth.” – Service Dog Certifications

National Pit Bull Awareness Day (NPBAD) was created in 2007 on October 25th. As that date draws near, it’s time for us to become more educated and aware so that we can bring positive attention to all dogs and acknowledge the stereotypes and misconceptions these types of dogs face.

“Stand Up for Pits” and Bark Nation Inspire and Educate us about Pit Bull Type Dogs.
Written by Christine Fox, Owner, and Founder of Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center

About the Author Christine Fox, APDT, CTDI and a Pet Sitters International member, is the founder of Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center with two locations in Michigan. She has been involved with many pet dog trainer certification initiatives, all based on learning techniques that involve humane practices and the latest in scientific research. Christine also raised a service dog for Paws With a Cause and plans to train her newest pup in therapy work. Through her work with dogs and their parents, Christine has developed many happy and healthy relationships with both humans and dogs in the community.

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