Most of us probably spend some time with daily hygiene. Let’s hope so, otherwise going to work and having to sit next to that stinky person every day is the worst. With dogs, there really is no difference. So why oh why are we skipping daily hygiene? If your dog is family you wouldn’t skip brushing your son’s teeth and give him a bath every six weeks. So let’s stop skipping the basics with the dog and then sleeping in bed with them. Ew.

These tips and tricks take minutes to keep your dog smelling great and staying healthy in between professional groom appointments. At the same time, you will feel better too!

1. Use Pet Wipes

These are a must have for all pet parents. Just as you might have sanitizer nearby with little ones at home, this is the same thing in dog world.

2. Brusha! Brusha! Brusha! Sorry. You have to brush your dog.

You don’t skip brushing your teeth and you just can’t skip brushing the dog. It’s so important to reduce the amount of allergies, dirt and dander on your dog’s coat. Maintaining their coat with a regular routine should be a bonding experience. It’s more about brushing, than bathing. Most humans think it’s a bath that’s needed to clean the hair, when really it’s the skin and the coat that needs attention. The brush and especially combing, is what it’s all about. Bathing can actually exacerbate stinky problems.

3. Dry Shampoo. Yep. They have this stuff for dogs too.

Baking soda and cornstarch are great for removing that “dog smell” most pups have. You can massage the powder through your dog’s coat using a towel. They also make commercial dry shampoo for dogs that you can give a try. There’s also great all natural freshening spray for those stinky days.

4. Wash all your dog’s stuff!

Their bed, their toys, their blankets. Clean them all! This will keep your pup AND your house fresher and cleaner. Use pet-friendly cleaning products.

5. Clean the face, feet and fanny.

No one wants to be around doggie bad breath. Dental chews are an easy way to maintain clean teeth, but monitoring the fruits and veggies they eat can also help with this. Keeping the gunk out of the eyes, ears and fanny can be life changing too. Learn more about our face, feet and fanny class.

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