Yes, they do. There’s just no place like home! Maybe you have a favorite chair or relaxing area? Knowing where the remote is (well, most of the time). Knowing when the kids will be home.

Home: comfortable and, for the most part, predictable.

Comfortable boarding dogs

Our boarding dogs feel right at home!

Dogs need all those things too! They like to know. They crave routine. And of course, most of them love comfort and have a favorite chair.

When we go on vacation we sacrifice the comforts of home, although it’s usually worth it! A beach? An adventure? Visiting with family and friends? The first thing I do in a hotel room is unpack into my new dresser drawers and immediately claim most of the closet. I can’t wait to check out the view. Does the hotel have a continental breakfast? I love those things!

If our boarding dogs could talk, this is what we think they would say, “Snacks in the morning BEFORE breakfast? This is great! A long leash walk right when I wake up to sniff out an adventure? Wow! Lots to do, so much to learn and, hey! I know that dog from last time!”

It’s certainly not home, but it’s worth the adventure! Many times when you get home and need a vacation from your vacation, your dog will too. Keep in mind though, dogs crave consistency. Most dogs like routine. Boarding would be compared to your small trips like going to a cottage, or to your sibling’s house. It’s not home, but you know what to expect because you’ve been there before.

That’s how we feel Wag ‘N’ Tails is viewed by your dog. If and only IF, you regularly visit. Once a year? Not enough. Twice a year? Nope. Three times? Not gonna work. It takes several visits to give a dog that feeling of “knowing.” Knowing what time dinner is. Knowing when it’s nap time. Anticipating bed time stuffed animals from home. Dogs cannot just force a feeling of comfort; the same way that you can’t force yourself to be comfortable.

There’s no place like Wag ‘N’ Tails!
Our dogs that stay the night with our specialty boarding service can’t get in the door fast enough. Will they miss their family? Of course! There’s no place like home, but if they see us regularly and know what to expect they can’t wait for that snack before breakfast and that special morning leash walk! There’s no place like home, but Aunt Wag ‘N’ Tails is pretty awesome too!

About the Author Christine Fox, APDT, CTDI and a Pet Sitters International member, is the founder of Wag ‘N’ Tails Dog Activity Center with two locations in Michigan. She has been involved with many pet dog trainer certification initiatives, all based on learning techniques that involve humane practices and the latest in scientific research. Christine also raised a service dog for Paws With a Cause and plans to train her newest pup in therapy work. Through her work with dogs and their parents, Christine has developed many happy and healthy relationships with both humans and dogs in the community.

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