Does Size Matter? ~ Wag 'N' Tails Dog Activity Center

With it being Valentine’s Day weekend, this is the perfect time to talk about treats! If your loved one surprised you with a Valentine and a mini size chocolate bar you might  be happy. Although, if you were presented with a Valentine, a dozen roses and a giant box of chocolate bars, you would certainly noticed the difference. Size matters!

When you give your pup three cookies for responding to a simple sit command in front of the cookie cupboard in the kitchen, that’s like giving an Ipod to a thirteen-year-old child for brushing their teeth. That would be silly, wouldn’t it? Now if you tell your pup to sit by the front door after hearing the doorbell? Now that deserves 3 cookies. Or maybe even a nice size piece of freeze dried liver and a belly rub to top it off!

Pay attention to the size and value of the rewards you give and why and when they are given. You will be in for a really big “treat” when you actually get the response you were looking for!


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