3 Tips for a Happy Dog! ~ Wag 'N' Tails Dog Activity Center

Dogs love to learn, especially new things! Have you ever gotten a new toy for your dog just to enjoy their reaction?  Of course you have! The excitement and anticipation is the best part. You can’t take that toy out the package or rip that tag off fast enough for your buddy. When you teach a new word, trick, or simple instruction YOUR excitement and reaction that they actually learned what you taught is the best part. Your dog picks up on it when you jump up with excitement saying,  “He did it!  Did you see that?  He did it!” Your teachings can be just as exciting and sometimes better than a new toy.. for both of you!

Dogs are social. Period. They don’t like to be alone, they tolerate it. When you have to go away for the most part they just sleep. ..and wait. Wait for that moment when they can rejoice that the pack is once again back together.  Back to the way it belongs with more than one. When dogs can be with their own kind, multiple different types of people and exposure to the environment it’s stress relieving and satisfying. Like a great night out with friends for us might be!  Dogs need to socialize and get out and about. Otherwise.. they forget HOW to socialize.

Movement! Dogs have to move! They can’t just cuddle and be your companion. Most dogs want to exist for a reason other than just simply being cute and keeping you company. Nothing makes a healthy dog feel more alive than a brisk walk,  a good ol’ game of fetch or even an adventure to sniff at the park. The back yard is borrrring if your not out there too! Who knows! Once you see that pep in your dogs step when you grab that ball or walking leash, maybe you’ll anticipate and enjoy that daily exercise too!

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