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How to Be Prepared When Boarding Your Dog

Travel more. Worry less. Deciding who will care for your dog during long days away from home or for extended travel can be a difficult decision to make for loving pet parents. Many times, taking your dog with you just isn’t an option. Having a regular care provider that you can count on, plus having…

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Upcoming Events – Dogs Party Too!

Upcoming Events We know you love your dog, we get it! That’s why we like to share the news of upcoming events whenever possible, so you can hang out with other people who are just as crazy about their pets as you are! There’s no party better than a dog party. 70% of the events…

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Teach & Reach

Introducing our new name for the foster dogs who live in our board and train center waiting for their forever homes. The Teach & Reach Program, TA-DUH! Without education, the number of dogs being re-homed just can’t change. We need your help! That’s why we added the “reach” after the “teach!” So many dogs, so…

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Foster Friday Dog

Meet Hardy, our Latest Foster Friday Dog. Every Friday we post our dogs in need. Those pups who live at our school and remain in training until we find the perfect family they’ve always dreamed of. Hardy is pictured here (the one with those ears to die for!) with his buddies in school. He is…

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Trainer of the Month

Congratulations to Taylor, our Dedicated Trainer of the Month Favorite Hobby Taylor likes to work on her jeep. She loves to go off roading on the ORV trails. She also enjoys spending time at the racetrack watching her boyfriend race his asphalt car. In a Snap! If Taylor could snap her fingers and be anywhere,…

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Are You “The One” In Your Dogs Eyes?

When we fill out applications for employment, many times it’s page after page of material for the employer to get to know us; our history, our present thoughts and of course our goals for the future. Online social media profiles ask us about our favorite movies, sports, and music. Dating sites? I can only imagine…

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5 Things to Know Before Bringing Home a Dog

So you think you found your dream dog? Before you decide if it’s love at first sight, remember it takes much more than providing a heart and a home to that 4-legged dream boat. Most likely you are a dog lover, most people are. Although, when offering a dog a happy and healthy life with…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Clean

Most of us probably spend some time with daily hygiene. Let’s hope so, otherwise going to work and having to sit next to that stinky person every day is the worst. With dogs, there really is no difference. So why oh why are we skipping daily hygiene? If your dog is family you wouldn’t skip…

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Dogs: Thieves, hoarders and runners… Unless we teach them safety first!

Pet parents around the world must truly realize the value of investing in a positive dog training program to fix “problem” behaviors. Although, dogs don’t think running away is a problem; they certainly don’t think stealing things that don’t belong to them is anything but fun either. As a matter of fact, all of the…

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Dogs. Germs. Kennel Cough. Oh My!

Go the grocery store and you could catch the flu. Send your kid to camp and they could come home with a head cold from their camper buddy. Yes, send your dog for a boarding stay or a day of play and there is always the possibility that your buddy could catch a cold or…

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Do Dogs Miss Their Famiy When They Board?

Yes, they do. There’s just no place like home! Maybe you have a favorite chair or relaxing area? Knowing where the remote is (well, most of the time). Knowing when the kids will be home. Home: comfortable and, for the most part, predictable. Routine Dogs need all those things too! They like to know. They…

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Safety FIRST on Walks

Last week, Charley and Hollywood went out for their morning walk in the yard. Strolling around, sniffing rabbit poop, looking for birds, giving squirrels the paw – you know, the usual. We came back inside, and only moments later Charley was ferociously barking at the sliding door. My first thought was maybe it’s the landscapers,…

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We’re Hiring!

Love Dogs? Want to spend your days doing something you love? Now’s your chance to be a part of our team! Wag ‘N’ Tails currently has two positions available. We are seeking a front-of-the-house “Pack Leader,” as well as a Daycare Attendant, both for approximately 30 hours a week. You must be willing to work…

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New Location Coming Soon!

Are you ready to pursue a career doing something you love? At the NEW Wag ‘N’ Tails Studio location, we will be offering both a dog grooming school and a training school for the public. We are so excited to be offering these programs in our community and to help our fellow dog-lovers on their…

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